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The ring Video Doorbell replaces your current doorbell to give you the ability to monitor what is happening at your door from anywhere in the wold you can connect to the internet with your smartphone. It uses WiFi to connect to the internet.

The Ring Doorbell comes with a two way intercom so you can speak to anyone at the door without having to open it or even be at home.

It has 180 degree HD camera allows you to keep an eye on your entrance and yard. The built in motion sensor detects movement and send an alert before someone presses the doorbell.

It comes with IR night vision so you can keep an eye on what is happening at night.


A guest rings your door and you hear the ring on your phone.

ring camera2

You see and talk to them no matter where you are!

ring colors

They come in several color choices.


You can track when anyone arrives or leaves your home and also know exactly when that package you ordered arrives! Photos are archived so they can be viewed anytime.

Get one today and Eagle Eye Lock will set it up for you. Or just call and Eagle Eye will bring one to you!