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Welcome again to Locksmith Lessons! Are you or someone you know a new home owner? Here is what you need to know: Get the locks in the house re-keyed ASAP! New home or apartment owners have no idea who might have keys that belonged to the previous owners. These could include dog walkers, housekeepers, babysitters or old handymen. Quite often they have also given out to friends, neighbors or relatives. Realtors often make key copies or potentially there could have been more than one realtor. The only way to be sure other people can’t get into your new home is change the locks to a new key. Just as importantly, don’t forget the mailbox lock!

Bonus lesson: Another good reason to re-key your house is to eliminate the need for multiple keys and to consolidate down to a single key.  Our team has visited countless homes where we have witnessed drawers completely full of unmarked keys. They could belong to back doors, garage doors, shed doors, yard gates or even miscellaneous rooms. We have seen where the front door has a different key for the dead bolt, knob and screen! All of these keys can be made into a single key and your life would be greatly simplified. If you feel more comfortable with multiple keys, then we suggest color coding your keys to stop the guesswork. If you would like to consolidate you keys or create custom colored keys, give our team at Eagle Eye Lock and Security a call at (818) 481-4062. We hope that you have enjoyed today’s lesson!