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Home Security, Your Security


Welcome back to Locksmith Lesson! Today we are talking about security. Have you ever done a perimeter search and checked around the entirety of your home? Look at it as if you were a burglar trying to get in. Are there windows that won’t shut properly? Do any of your windows or doors have broken locks on them?  Is the dog door large enough to get through or might a hand be able to reach a lock through the opening of the door?  Do all of the outside doors have working door knob locks the? How many have dead bolt locks on them? Do the sliding doors have good latches or can they be lifted out of their tracks easily?  Do door locks near windows have an inside locks or a thumb turn which can make an easy entrance?  Security is important when you are home or away from home.


If you are not sure, we would suggest calling a locksmith to check if your home is secure. If you would like to see if your home is secure, give our team at Eagle Eye Lock and Security a call at (818) 481-4062. We hope you enjoyed today’s lesson!

burglar break window