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Choose a key you like!  Most keys can be duplicated on to a key that you will love to carry! Easy identification by color or style makes it so much easier find the right key when you need to get into your home or business.
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A is a “Baldwin” key

B is a “Do Not Duplicate” key

C is a “Anodized Aluminum teal” key (Available in many colors)

D is a “Painted brass royal blue” key (Available in many colors)

E is a “Pattern Painted” key (Available in many patterns and colors)

F is a “Standard Brass” key (Also available with nichol Plating)

G, H and I are “Die Cut Painted” keys (Available in many shapes and colors)

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lighted keys

There are also keys with lights built in to see that keyhole in the dark!

key rings 1
specialty key

Keys can also be color coded by use of plastic rings or even have a clip built into them.

Some standard keys are available in unique head shapes to make them easy to distinguish.

Best of all Eagle Eye Lock carries all of these different types of keys all the time – All you have to do is ask!!


key designed